Programs that bring to life the Native American culture


School Programs

Native American history has, in recent years, become an integral part of education in America. Clint Chartier conducts interactive, engaging school programs to offer students a true vision into Native American culture.
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Horse & Teepee

Observers get a fresh look into the life of the Plains Indian when Clint conducts a program with his 18-foot tepee. He starts with the demonstration of exactly how to set up such a lodge, pole by pole, with each one placed in it’s special and important position.
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Teacher Conventions

Teacher conventions and university programs for educators often have Clint conduct programs as part of their continuing education classes. Much like his school programs and occasionally with his tepee, Clint will adjust his mode of lecture to suit the adult audience.
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Clint Chartier is available for and often invited to appear at various Western Festivals. He attracts a lot of attention as he sets up his authentic 18-foot tepee with his handmade accoutrements of Native American daily life, while dressed in his buckskin clothes.
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Painters of the old west hire Clint to model for them in his authentic native regalia on his horse and with his tipi. His detailed, handmade clothes and tools inspire the artists to paint scenes that would be true to the the Plains Indians life and culture.
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